I am a lot of things. My name is Chandra Sen Bhagan and i’m called Arvind or “Arv” or even “Ar”. My occupation is software engineering, i.e writing computer programs, adding bits and pieces to software that is intended to make people’s life easier. Its a heck of job understanding how exactly they want their lives made easy when sometimes they themselves dont know.

But i really like computers. It would be fair to say that i’m happy with the path my career has taken, and unlike some people my choice wasnt “Computer Science by default”.. Artificial intelligence and natural language processing has always fascinated me, partly coz as a kid i was fascinated by the talking car called Kit (U know.. Knight Rider :-p ).. Other things that interest me are open-source technology. And every time i look at public-key encryption i have the feeling that it can be cracked..

Apart from that i really, as in really really like music. Tunes can stick in my head for days and I can keep singing forever :-P. I could have been a sitar teacher, and its with a little pinch of the heart that i watch people performing. I also play the harmonica, harmonium, electric organ and flute, besides which i’m also an above-average singer.

And then i just love football (read Association Football, i.e soccer). 10 years ago i was a good player, but nowadays it can be months before i play a game, and my form suffers. I used to be a good athlete too – i’v won quite a few medals in athletics and set a record or two at the Royal College of Port-Louis where i studied.

Im usually a good debater and im good at spotting flaws in people’s logic, i.e wen im concentrating on wat they’re saying, coz i get bored quite easily wen people talk too long, even though i myself tend to talk a lot.

And finally, psychology and interpersonal relationships interest me a lot, so if ever u wanna discuss psychology, u’r welcome to contact me 🙂


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